T-OSH Launches the ‘OSH Avenue International Conference 2022’ Responding to work safety in the Next to Normal era

T-OSH Launches the ‘OSH Avenue International Conference 2022’ Responding to work safety in the Next to Normal era

Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Public Organization) or T-OSH, an organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour commenced an international academic seminar, “OSH Avenue International Conference 2022” (OAIC), under the theme of “Foresight for Safe”, attracting academics, students, workers, and people to present academic studies and share ideas on safety and innovations for preparing working readiness in a digital world.

Mr. Suthi Sukosol, attached to the secretariat of the Prime Minister performing duties for the Ministry of Labour, presided over the opening ceremony of the academic seminar on safety at ‘OSH Avenue International Conference 2022’. He said that if talking about “safety” today, in the context of work or life living in a New Normal, we immediately realize the importance of safety because we have had a direct experience on safety from the lesson learned from the Covid-19 situation.  The conference has reflected our commitment and readiness to drive occupational safety and health operations to raise the safety standard following the ‘Safety Thailand’ policy of the Ministry of Labour.  The objective is to build awareness by creating knowledge continuously, creating processes for safety practices, and becoming a safety culture aligned with the government’s 20 -year National Strategy, including the critical policies of the Ministry of Labour in promoting competitiveness and the development of quality labour skills for preparing the opening of the country and supporting the new economy.

“In this regard, T-OSH will be a vital force in creating ‘Safety & Healthy Thailand’ measurement to promote the entry into Thai labour and OSH standards. We aim to support Thai entrepreneurs to have a management system for occupational safety, health, and working environment and enhance participation in developing labour’s quality of life,” said Mr. Suthi.

Mr. Varanon Peetiwan, Director of Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, said, “T-OSH has a key role in promoting and providing knowledge on safety, enhancing on safety at work which related workers in society both academic works and other services. The OAIC event is a new dimension of seminars, a connection point for expanding international safety networks. The conference focus on being a platform for transferring knowledge and sharing experiences in working safety. The platform allows opening knowledge in various formats and supports all international languages, including not sticking to only academic work’s model. Furthermore, OAIC will be the digital safety community platform creating new ideas for future activities to support equal participation. It will become a repository of issues related to safety in life, work, and development in various sciences together.”

Those interested can browse the OAIC events and content at www.oaicth.com

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